Baja or Bust!

Chasing Scale is headed down the dusty roads of the Baja Peninsula!

It’s iconic. It’s desolate. It’s rugged. It’s teaming with a variety of fish! We cannot wait!

Road Trip Adventure starts October 15th!

Baja Mexico Road Trip Fishing AdventureWe’re setting aside a couple months to truly live it up on the road down in Baja, Mexico (we’ll probably need more). Growing up in Southern California, Baja was “so close, yet so far,” it always seemed. My dad brought us down there a couple times, choosing San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez as our exotic family destination. I’ll never forget walking out into the ocean at low tide for miles it seemed. It was so cool! Baja intrigued me then, it continues to intrigue me today! There’s so much to see down that vast peninsula: big waves, rugged mountains, dynamic coastlines, whale sharks, humpback whales, grey whales and, hopefully, big fish! We can’t wait!

Información de la península Baja, Mexico

Baja Mexico Road Trip Fishing AdventureBaja is not just about destination resort towns or Señior Frogs. It has a rich culture and heritage unique by its isolated geographic location and its harsh environment. The people live off the land and the sea here. Mother Nature provides on this lengthy peninsula. Made up of two Mexican states, it is approximately 1,247 kilometers long from Mexicali in the north to Cabo San Lucas in the South. It spans 143 miles wide at its widest point and just over 28 miles wide at its narrowest point, near La Paz. Its coastline is over 2,500 miles long, taking into consideration all of the bays, inlets, islands, and lagoons. And the desert terrain is powerful and imposing! So much wildlife calls this unique place home. But it’s not the coyotes, whales, rattlesnakes, bobcats, sea lions, mountain lions and hawks we’re after. We’re chasing salt water fish like snook, roosterfish, triggerfish, spotted bay bass, corvina, grouper, durado, yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, etc. We’ll be bringing kayaks and SUP boards with us to truly take advantage of the vast coastal marine environments. We can’t wait for this epic adventure to begin.

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Baja Mexico Road Trip Fishing AdventureIf you want to follow the journey, we’ll bring you along for the ride! When we’re not fishing and traveling up and down the coast, we’ll be putting together short videos, social media posts and creative and informative blog essays along the way. You can follow the journey on our Youtube channel, Instagram Feed as well as right here on our website. Check out some recent adventures on our films page.

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