Chasing Baja

Through a Lens of Creativity

Chasing Scale provides a genuine, inside look at the quirky and sometimes manic lifestyle of fishing adventure travel. By producing soulful short films, dynamic photography and creative essays and blogs we strive to educate and empower aspiring anglers to begin their own dream pursuit of ultimate exploration with rod and reel. is the creation of two restless minds that find peace in the form of fishing adventure. And, it’s not just any fishing that we seek—we look for challenge. Adventure travel is the ultimate path to enlightenment for anglers. Putting it simply: it’s all about RISK and REWARD. The more time, effort and creative ingenuity you put into these pursuits the bigger the payoff.

Whether you hire a guide or take the “do-it-yourself” approach, these types of fishing adventures aren’t typically easy. You should be ready for bumps in the road. You might find yourself in the middle of an epic dragonfly hatch down in Patagonia, a broken rod in hand and no trusty fishing guide to hand you a replacement rig as you watch, helplessly, as beefy bows sip massive bugs. It might take some time to figure out which color shrimp pattern those monster bonefish are preferring these days on the flats down in Belize. Maybe you didn’t research the weather and that blissful tailwind becomes a wicked headwind as you struggle to kayak back to your shoreside camp on the fringes of Lake Powell.

For us at Chasing Scale the chase is the reward. The truth is found in the journey. It’s found in that unmistakeable feeling of ultimate freedom when you choose the off-the-beaten path. With detailed research and hard-nosed determination… maybe, just maybe, you’llbe in some exotic, hard-to-reach place and grinning from ear to ear with a monster at the end of your leader.

Brock Munson, cofounder

Big Ideas

Chasing Scale’s core team met back in the early 2000s in the little mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Ryan and Brock became fast friends as they fished and hiked their way across the San Juan Mountains and the much of southwestern United States. Their shared interest in fly fishing adventure travel combined with their extensive creative skillsets in photography and graphic design have blended together to form what you see here today. Ryan and Brock hope to influence others to chase their own dreams with rod, reel, heart and soul. Big kids at heart with big ideas in mind, these two fly anglers hope to make a vital and informative hub for fly fishing exploration for years to come.

BROCK MUNSON | Designer, Editor, Photographer

Ever the nomad, Brock can’t seem to sit still. His idea of “home” has been obscure ever since his blurry, childhood days in SoCal when he sported the two-toned, corduroy OP shorty shorts and cruised the orange groves on his BMX bike. It was in 2003 when he turned hobby into career as he left the 9-5 graphic design “corporate” world on Maui to spread his wings in pursuit of glamorous outdoor jobs. It was a decision that flipped his world upside down. The change ultimately led to unforgettable experiences in breathtaking destinations such as the Cascades of Oregon, the Front Range and San Juan Mountains of Colorado, the subtropical waters of Hawaii, the San Juan Islands and Gulf Islands of the Salish Sea in Washington and British Columbia, and to the glaciers and fiords of Southeast Alaska. His resume boasts quite a few career layovers: boat captain, expedition leader, whitewater raft guide, outdoor science instructor, photographer and occasional travel writer.

Throughout his journey Maui has been home base, on and off anyway. Hawaii’s warm, salt air and laid back lifestyle beckons him back time and again. There’s just something about the islands that heals the soul. But, it’s the crazy DIY adventures that fuel his spirit as he prefers to zigzag his way to feisty fish rather than take the easy path.

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RYAN BONNEAU | Lead Photographer, Videographer

Ryan has had the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado to call his backyard for the last 16 years and it’s in their jagged peaks and meadows where he is most at home. Growing up in rural Vermont, Ryan developed a deep love for wild places at a very early age. While living in Telluride, CO his photography turned into an obsession and then a career. Adventure travel and exploring wild corners of the earth has dominated his life in the last 15 years but he still treasures days spent in the mountains and rivers around Telluride. 

He has a self-proclaimed affinity for doing very stupid things to find big, wild fish to cast a fly at. His photography has been featured in National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Sierra Club, Backpacker, the Arizona Tourism Department and a variety of other publications. On a daily basis, his eye for capturing stunning landscapes of Telluride continues to leave people speechless.

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Reaching our Audience…


It’s the age of integration. Films stream online with ease. This is a new and welcomed endeavor for us as we radiate our message of DIY adventuring. Film is a platform we fully embrace and one we that we hope to hone for future DIY adventures. Keep an eye out for new shorts on

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Photos have an uncanny ability to transport the viewer to mysterious, far-away places. For us, they are an easy and efficient way to share the adventures we’ve experienced. Ultimately, a single photo could be the spark someone needed to start their own DIY adventure. Photography is truly paramount to what we do at

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Fresh off a recent adventure, it’s important for us to get creative with writing new blog posts and sharing useful DIY tips with our followers. For us, creative writing is a blast. It’s a great way to get our message out to you, our adventurous and loyal supporters.

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Bird Island Outfitters Heron Paddle Board

Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks

We’ve been ambassadors for Advanced Elements for nearly 6 years now. Without their nearly indestructible inflatable kayaks, we wouldn’t be able to get to and fully experience some of the wonderful destinations you see on this website. If you find yourself in the market for an inflatable kayak, look no further than Advanced Elements.

Baja Mexico Fishing Road Trip Adventure

Bixpy Motors is our newest collaborator and a welcomed one! They’ve created some amazing products including solar panels, batteries and outboard motors. Their products have been the perfect addition to our adventures. Now, extended expeditions into Mexico’s vast lagoons or getting to that perfect, remote campsite on Lake Powell are a reality.

Baja Mexico fishing road trip adventure Bixpy Products

1) Bixpy J-2 Outboard Kit

2) PP-77-AP – 12V and USB Outdoor Power Bank

3) Transom Adapter (J-2 Motor)

4) PP-166 Power Station and SUN45 Solar Panel Bundle Kit


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