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Tried, Tested and Loved!

We couldn’t do what we do without this gear


Fighting current was never so easy!

Before we started using Bixpy outboard motors, our expeditions were greatly limited. What’s on the table now? 10-mile expeditions into the endless and magical lagoons of Yucatan, Mexico chasing bonefish, permit and tarpon! Multi-day trips into expansive Patagonian lakes of Chile and Argentina chasing giant trout! Day trips into Baja estuaries fraught with gnarly tidal currents to chase massive grouper and corvina! Trips into the labyrinth of Louisiana wetlands chasing redfish on the fly! Weeklong trips on Lake Powell chasing not only the elusive striper boils, but also the perfect and most remote camp spot!


We can’t say enough about Bixpy’s products. To harness power in these remote locations via their solar panels and battery kits makes filming our multi-day trips actually possible! Their adapters are perfect for our variety of boats, ie. stand up paddle boards and kayaks. And, to be able to easily inflate our boats with their 12V outdoor power bank is huge!

We encourage you to dive into some products by Bixpy. They’ve honestly changed the game for us!


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Sight Casting from the most stable paddle boards ever!

Bird Island Outfitters came up with something magical with the Heron. These aren’t just your average inflatable stand up paddle board. These are pontoon-style paddle boards, meaning they’re incredibly stable… sort of like being on a catamaran. We can load tons of gear on these boats, and we have a lot! Also, the potential to stand up and cast to surfacing fish is a game changer on the water. We used to have to get off the boat, either secure it to a tree or something and wade to sight cast. With these boards, we’re on the fish immediately! And, they’re a 2-in-1 boat – kayak and paddle board. That means when the wind picks up and it’s 2 miles back to camp, not a problem! You can adjust the paddle, sit down and crank! No worries.


They’re super safe too. In Mexico, while re-rigging my fly rod, I drifted into a gnarly patch of mangroves covered in razor sharp barnacles. One pontoon got punctured. I was about a mile away from camp and my patch kit. Crazy thing, I had no issue paddling. With 3 air chambers, losing one doesn’t end your day I found out.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, these boards will help you excel. They have perfectly fit into our lifestyle!


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Full-on, burly kayaks you can travel with!

We’ve been using Advanced Elements kayaks before Chasing Scale was even a thing! Their products have been the backbone for our trips abroad. Weighing under 50lbs and smaller than the “oversized” luggage designation, these kayaks are awesome for flight travel! We’ve flown with them to Australia, Patagonia, Hawaii and Mexico. To travel and not worry about how you’re going to secure a kayak to use is an absolute blessing.


These kayaks are burly! I’m serious. I still have not ever had to patch any of my AE kayaks… and I beat them up pretty good. They’re not strangers to bumping against coral, lava rock, oyster beds or barnacles. Advanced Elements has just about everything in their arsenal to accommodate consumers like us! You can’t go wrong purchasing one of these rad boats!


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On the Water Extras

Outboard Motor Bracket for your Inflatable Paddle Board

People have been asking us about how we mount the Bixpy J-2 Outboard Motor with Transom Adapter to our inflatable paddle boards. We use the OUTBOARD MOTOR BRACKET above along with 4 GROMMETS. Each paddle board tail is a little different. You’ll have to customize the setup for your own board. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out… click here.


Motor Bracket Details Rubber Grommets Details



Essential Travel Gear for Road Trips

The gear we bring on our extended road trips

We do a lot of road trips to get to some of the most remote places on earth to fish. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our videos. We’ve gone through the trials and tribulations with gear along the way and filtered out the good from the bad. The button below will take you to our Amazon store front with the exact gear we use. We look for gear that is inexpensive, travel-friendly and high quality. The gear you’ll see has our stamp of approval.


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