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We think of fishing adventure travel as the ultimate path to enlightenment with rod and reel. To put it simply—it’s all about RISK and REWARD. The more time, effort and thought you put into a trip, the greater the payoff. Whether you hire a guide or you decide to do it yourself these adventures can be challenging. Always be ready for any bump in the road. Things don’t always go as planned. You might find yourself in the middle of an epic dragonfly hatch in Patagonia with a broken rod tip and no guide to hand you a replacement rig while you helplessly watch beefy browns sip massive bugs. It might take some time to figure out which color shrimp pattern those monster bonefish are preferring these days on the vast Mexican flats of the Yucatan. Maybe you didn’t research the weather and that cooperative tailwind becomes a wicked headwind as you struggle to kayak back to your shoreside camp on the fringes of Lake Powell.

For us at Chasing Scale the chase is the reward! The truth is found in the journey. It’s found in that unmistakeable feeling of ultimate freedom when you choose the off-the-beaten path. With detailed research and hard-nosed determination maybe, just maybe, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear with a monster at the end of your leader.

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Our Latest Adventure: Baja, Mexico

Chasing Scale Fly Fishing Adventure Travel Films Essays Photos Apparel MerchandiseChasing Scale Fly Fishing Adventure Travel Films Essays Photos Apparel MerchandiseChasing Scale Fly Fishing Adventure Travel Films Essays Photos Apparel MerchandiseChasing Scale Fly Fishing Adventure Travel Films Essays Photos Apparel MerchandiseChasing Scale Fly Fishing Adventure Travel Films Essays Photos Apparel Merchandise

We traveled thousands of kilometers, rumbled down endless, dusty, desert roads equipped with rods, reels, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and tequila chasing some of Baja’s finest saltwater fish. We experienced amazing places, encountered incredible wildlife, ate tasty local food and met some awesome travelers and locals along the way. It was an unforgettable adventure! Learn about the gear we brought in our latest blog post article, Chasing Baja: A Fish Bum Gear Guide to Road Tripping Baja Mexico. You can also grab some popcorn and watch the film, Chasing Baja. It’s sure to bring you right into the adventure. Or, you can read our notes and get a headstart on your own adventure south of the border by clicking the button below!

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Recent film shorts coming at ya!


Away From It All

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Just Another Number

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Fiery Carp

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Meanwhile, Out West

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Follow the Journey

We travel the earth to chase fish. From the Patagonian steppe to the Aussie outback, we provide fresh perspectives on dreamy, remote waters. Our goal is to bring you into the action virtually via blog posts, vlogs, short films and social media posts.

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Short Films

The soul of an adventure isn’t found in the moment you reach that impossible mountain summit. Nor is it found in that snapshot when you hoist that trophy trout. Soul is found in the journey. It’s found in the chase. This is what we believe. This is how we film!

Film Showcase

Photography Tips

Are you inspired to capture that perfect setting? Do you find it challenging to shoot in wild environments? We’d love to help by sharing a few tips and techniques that we’ve learned through the years from our fly fishing adventures across the globe.

Photo Tips

The Written Word

After an epic adventure we’re always grinning from ear to ear and ready to tell our story! Our blog known as “The Drift” not only provides informative content to help you succeed on your own trip, it also tells human, behind-the-scene stories.

The Drift

The Gear Shed

Products Integral to Our Adventures

The J-2 outboard motor by Bixpy Motors has been an absolute game changer for our trips. More from the Gear Shed.



With the uber-stable Heron inflatable pontoon paddle board by Bird Island Outfitters sight casting from a boat has now become a reality!

The Drift

Fishing articles, stories and essays

Photo Tips for the Camera Happy Fish Bum

DIY fishing adventure travel photography tips techniques for the camera happy fish bum living life day by day, cast by cast and photo by photo. You know who you are! The casual, wayword photographer. There are a whole lot more of you than there used to be, especially with the way photography, technology and cell phones are rocketing as a trio into the future, a relationship not soon to end. Because of this relationship, taking snapshots of anything and everything is not only possible, it’s happening! With that being said, the goal for this article is to help our readers approach photography with open minds, discipline, ingenuity and ultimately, inspiration. I’m gonna stick to the actual photo taking part of photography in this article. Not gonna pretend like we don’t do some post editing in Lightroom or Photoshop… or even Instagram! Cuz, we do! However, the goal is to do...
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Chasing Baja: A Fish Bum Gear Guide to Road Tripping Baja Mexico

Baja is inexpensive, remote and has endless opportunity for a huge variety of fish! Having just come off two major Baja road trips, we wanted to put together a list of essential gear based on our experience… often learned the hard way. The biggest overall lesson (which is truly a mantra when comes to planning your adventure) is BRING ONLY THINGS YOU NEED.   Vehicle People use a huge variety of vehicles to blaze trails around the Baja peninsula. However, for the fish bum who’s really looking to explore, camp and hit the most remote tasty water, I believe a 4X4 TRUCK WITH A POP-UP CAB-OVER CAMPER is the best set up. 4WD, or at the very least AWD, is essential for driving in sand and sketchy two tracks to access camping and fishing areas. One thing that Baja is famous for is heavy wind. Having a sturdy enclosed area to...
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Fly Fishing: What a Hassle

Fly Fishing: What a Hassle. [To all you fly fishing purists out there: don’t get your knickers in a twist over this headline. The following essay is not an indictment on the sport of fly fishing. Give it a chance. It might just resonate with you. In the very least I’m hoping you’ll get a chuckle or two out of it. I will preface the following story with this: I’ve been a fly fisherman for 25 years. If you’ve been a fly angler for a while, more than likely you’ve experienced a situation akin to the one I am revisiting here.] The words rang out across the water as clear as day: “Those guys are fly fishing. What a f*cking hassle.” It was a comment sent out into the ethos. It seemed to freeze time on that blissful afternoon. The proverbial scratching of the record stymied my fly casts. On...
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