Fly Fishing Western Australia

Oct. 17 – Nov. 15, 2018

We chased fish along the Western Australian coast from Perth to Exmouth and everywhere in between. Quintessential destinations such as the Ningaloo reef and Exmouth Gulf were a must! If it was remote, it was on our list. Sight casting to permit, GT, golden trevallies, queenfish and bluebone tuskfish was exhilarating. As we always try to do, Chasing Scale provided our followers with real time glimpses of the adventure on Instagram, YouTube and right here at We also wrote a very comprehensive and creative essay on the trip you can find in our blog. Chasing fish and creating exciting lifestyle productions are our passions. Through filming, photographing and writing we hope you got a taste of Aussie life on the road chasing scale!

Below you’ll find some of our film shorts produced on the fly during the adventure.

The Gear

Keeping Us Afloat

Advanced Elements backed us up once again on this remote adventure. We dealt with near shore ocean conditions in Western Australia as opposed to the lakes and rivers of Patagonia. With seemingly endless coastline and intricate mangroves, our AE1009-XE and AE1012 kayaks were an absolute blessing.

Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks

With wind and current in mind we decided on the 13-foot AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite Kayak: AE1009-XE (blue kayak above). It’s length and stability helped us to be much better suited for near shore conditions. With the added AdvancedTrak Rudder System, we were good to go.

Advanced Elements AdvancedTrak Rudder System

We, of course, also brought the trusty 10.5-foot AdvancedFrame® Kayak: AE1012 (red kayak above).Weight is always an issue when you travel. *These inflatable kayaks pack extremely well and fall under the standard 50lb weight limit most airlines enforce. Here are both kayak specs via Advanced Elements:

Use: day, expedition touring
Length: 13”
Width: 32”
Weight: 42 LBS. (19 KG)

Use: day touring
Length: 10’5″
Width: 32″
Weight: 36 LBS. (16 KG)

Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks


In addition to the inflatable kayaks, we brought the RapidUp® Kayak Sail as well as the 5.0 gallon Summer Shower: SS762.

Advanced Elements RapidUp® Kayak Sail

Charging Our Devices

Working with Voltaic Systems during our trip to WA was a blessing. Fact: there’s no lack of sun in Australia. That’s especially true along the coast between Perth and Exmouth. The products developed by Voltaic Systems were welcomed and vital! Charging cameras, drones, laptops and phones is always an issue when traveling to remote places. Problem solved! Whether waiting out the tides or hammering the flats, we had Voltaic solar panels juicing up the powerful batteries which charged us up so we could deliver the goods!

Voltaic Systems

Voltaic provided us with two V88 Laptop Batteries (shown left) along with 2 different solar panel units: the travel-friendly Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit and the waterproof 17 Watt Solar Charger Kit (both shown below).

Needless to say we were charged up to work with these amazing products. Keep this in mind: when you’re viewing our films and photos and reading our essays online, remember we couldn’t have done it without this solar technology and Voltaic Systems!